The founder is a very uncertain job, and they must have morning rituals.

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People still buy It is injurious for Health, and Government charges heavy taxes on it

Biographies teach you priceless lessons and experiences that lessons you never taught in school

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There are no true stories in the world except for biographies

Ralph Emerson

Why do I read Biographies?

I am a voracious reader, and I read a lot. It gives me ultimate satisfaction personally and professionally. I read line by line; I do not skip a single line…

This is the basis of your successful life

India’s Pharmaceutical sector seems to be a beacon of hope In COVID-19.

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Here is a list of Pandemics/epidemics that have largely remained obscure.

Both are compelling you to pay more amount and more hard work in the future.

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The following love list keeps your partner’s love tank full and responsible.
  1. Give her a surprise and gift on a special occasion.
  2. Ask…

My family members recently suffered from the COVID-19 second wave; I write this affirmation 3 times a day.

$1 is not much, but the root of $1 lead you to $1000. It is practical and actionable for everybody.

Shyamdeo Ranjan

Founder @ TIFFINQNQ. An avid book reader, Serial Entrepreneur, Believe in building people’s lives!

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